Is the Verve in You?

In the raging river of rapidly changing opportunities in the writing  industry, everyone needs a champion . . . and a skilled editorial and design team. Our expertise in editing, writing, and creative design span a lifetime. No matter how simple or how complicated, if it involves words and how to package them, we’re your resource for success.

What sets us apart Marianka Mojo

What sets us apart is in our name: Quite simply, a joy and passion for the age-old power of words.

We are friendly, efficient, and proficient. We won’t waste your time by taking on a job that we cannot do expertly for a competitive price.

The biggest contribution we can make in this industry is to love our jobs, which we do, and to share that passion for words with you.


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Who uses thewordverve?

Writers . . . journalists, authors, bloggers, biographers, professors, doctors, lawyers, agents, researchers: all who seek a professional editor or designer who understands the nuances of the industry, and particularly with an editor, a knowledge of style guides and the overall editing process.  There’s also good bit of positive mojo involved.

So many wonderful writers miss the mark because they didn’t employ the services of a good editor or cover/interior designer, one who grooves as they groove, and it’s often because these authors don’t know where to look! Well, look no further.  Give us a call! 678-710-4353 or email us at